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“Signal Expert Global” is a Multi-National Company & involved in the business provides Technical Analysis Research services in the Forex & Comex Global Market. We provide learning and trading assistance about Forex and Comex segments. We Educate about Technical Analysis, Market Strategies, and the prevailing trends of the Forex and Comex market to Clients. Signal Expert Global LLP is a Member of the International Trade Council and Follows Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) Guidelines.

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    What is your Investment Objective including time for which you wish to stay invested & the purpose of the investment? Which of the following do you think best describes you? Your primary concern is to protect your capital and you can accept no capital losses. You are not prepared to take any investing risk and you require access to your capital in the near future.Generating a regular income stream is a priority over capital growth. As a result, you are prepared to sacrifice higher returns in favour of preservation of capital.You require your investments to be a balance between capital growth and less risk prone investing. Calculated risks will be acceptable as you are prepared to accept short term levels of volatility in order to outperform inflation.Your investing pattern should have a bias towards capital growth and you have less need for recurring returns at this stage. You are prepared to accept a higher degree of volatility and risk. Your primary concern is to accumulate assets over the longer term.Your primary focus is on capital growth. You are prepared to accept a high level of short term volatility and possible capital losses in order to generate potentially higher levels of capital growth over the long term. You are well placed to recover from unforeseen market downturns either because you have time on your side or access to capital reserves. How familiar are you with Equity, Future & Options, Comex & FOREX markets? I am experienced with all sectors and understand the various factors which Influence portfolio performance.I understand that markets fluctuate and that different market sectors offer different income, growth and taxation characteristics.I have just enough experience to understand some aspects of capital and commodity markets.I have very little understanding or interest. How would you describe your experience with investing in markets? I have had positive experiences with investing that outweigh the negative.I am not familiar with investing and am cautious.I have previously lost money as an investor and am very cautious about investing What best describes how you feel after you have made a decision which will affect your financial future? Very ConfidentConfidentNeutralConcernedScared If a funding surplus is clearly identified and your stated goals and objectives have been met, which of the following strategies would you prefer to adopt? Invest surplus incomeRevise expectations / increase expensesReduce the investing risk in your portfolioOther

    How many years of investment/Trading experience do you have? less than 1 years1-3 years4-6 years7-10 years10 yearsNIL You are financially responsible for (exclude dependants who can be supported by your spouse's income) Only yourself.Other person in your household besides yourselfBetween 2 and 3 other persons besides yourselfBetween 4 and 5 other persons besides yourselfMore than 5 other persons besides yourself What is your Occupation (please select the appropriate)? Self Employed.Private Sector (Salaried)Government ServiceStudentRetiredHousewifeOthers Gross Annual Income Below 100000100000-500000500000-10000001000000-2500000Above 2500000NIL What is the size of your emergency fund? Do not have.1-2 Months Income3-5 Months IncomeMore than 5 Months Income What percentage of your Annual income goes into repaying your liabilities/borrowings? > 50%50% to 30%30% to 20%Less than 20%I have enough of surplus How do you rate your willingness to take financial risks (risk appetite)? Low risk takerAverage risk takerHigh risk takerVery High risk takerNIL

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